Flowers & Plants (Colour)

This gallery showcases my best colour flower and plant photographs. Some of these photographs are taken outdoors which requires a number of approaches to ensure that the subject does not move. Most often I’ll wait for a nearly windless day (which in Calgary is a rare event). Other times I’ll use a light tent which helps to shield the plant from the wind.

To overcome limited depth of focus when taking these close up (macro) photographs, the flower photographs in this gallery employ a technique called “Focus Stacking”. I compose the flower in my camera’s viewfinder, carefully noting the closest and furthest points of focus and capture multiple images each containing a different part of the flower in focus. The number of images required depends on a number of factors, but typically runs between 50 and 300. These multiple images are then digitally combined into a single image containing all of the flower in perfect focus. I then often have to painstakingly edit the artifacts that result from this stacking. The end result is a image that in some cases many have told me resembles a painting.

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